[mlpack] Willing to join mlpack community

Ryan Curtin gth671b at mail.gatech.edu
Mon Aug 12 15:19:09 EDT 2013

On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 12:37:44AM +0530, Ankit Shah wrote:
> Thank you Ryan for replying. I would try my hands on Debian packaging. If
> went to the link you mentioned. I'll read through the entire documentation
> as mentioned in the table of contents.
> I didn't understood what to regarding this line that you said "The process
> for becoming a Debian maintainer, to my knowledge, involves doing some
> reviews for other packages, finding a mentor, and then finally once that is
> done mlpack can be submitted and reviews by other Debian maintainers and
> developers." Where can I do or rather find the mentor. Is it included in
> the documentation link (I've just started reading it and is bit lengthy)?
> Please fell free to reply me regarding this whenever you have time.

The process should be documented in the maintainers manual, or on the
Debian mentors site:


Part of the reason I have not yet had time to work on this is because
the Debian packaging process has so much documentation...

Hopefully this is helpful.  :)



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