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Ankit Shah shahankit2313 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 00:44:55 EDT 2013

Thank you Ryan I'll try to explore the debian maintainers manual. I'm also
completely new to debian packaging, Also as this is the only open project
as the python and python and r binding and other bindings are already
covered in automatic binding I'll try to stickto this one. I'll mail back
to you in 3-4 days if I get a problem in any of the part of the
documentation or the svn process.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:51 AM, Ryan Curtin <gth671b at mail.gatech.edu>wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 12:28:55AM +0530, Ankit Shah wrote:
> > Hi Ryan, I went a bit through the documentation of the debian packaging.
> > Can you brief me out the exact idea that I need to do in this project of
> > Debian packaging, so that I start collecting related documentation. I
> mean
> > what would I be required to code some of the libraries by checking out
> the
> > c++ codes or write out some extra documentation. I went through the
> > description on the idea's page but failed to find the exact thing
> required
> > to be implemented in the idea.As you said that you were planning to do so
> > can you help me out a bit more further.
> Hello Ankit,
> I'm sorry for the slow response.  I ended up going out of town this
> weekend and I did not expect that, so I fell behind on e-mail.
> I've already linked you to the Debian mentors site and the Debian
> maintainers manual; those are good places to start.  In the past, we did
> have another guy put together a Debian package, but he did not finish it
> and I do not know its status.
> You can use subversion to check out the entire mlpack codebase:
> $ svn co http://svn.cc.gatech.edu/fastlab/mlpack/
> This will give four directories: trunk, branches, tags, and conf.  There
> is an attempt at a Debian package for mlpack-1.0.1 (which is now quite
> old) in conf/packages/mlpack/trunk/debian/.  I am not entirely certain
> what its status is, so you would have to take a look at it and make the
> package build with the debian package builder tools (pbuilder? dpkg? I'm
> not 100% sure).  Then, you will have to ensure that the package itself
> meets the packaging requirements given in the maintainers' handbook.
> Once that is done, I believe you will need to file an ITP for mlpack
> ("intent to package").  Sterling, the guy who worked on this before, did
> this, but there was no response:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=674592
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=660925
> Just yesterday, Lucas Nussbaum commented on that second bug.  I think
> that his comment (Message #12) provides useful information on how to
> actually get mlpack into Debian.
> Is this useful information?  If I can help further, let me know.
> Unfortunately I am not entirely familiar with the Debian packaging
> process.
> Thanks,
> Ryan
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> ryan at igglybob.com | "Death is the road to awe."

Ankit Shah
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