[mlpack] Application for GSoC-2017

dhawal harkawat dhawalharkawat14 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 05:36:34 EST 2017

Hi, I am Dhawal Harkawat, a fourth year Computer Science student ar BITS
PILANI, Pilani Campus and I was enrolled in my University in the year -
2013. I would like to participate in this year GSoC, with mlpack, on the
topic *"Fast k-centers Algorithm & Implementation"*. I have done Machine
Learning course at my University and Andrew Ng Coursera ML course and also
did Internship at Microsoft, India in summers of 2016 under the title
"Real-Time Prescriptive Analysis of Server Error Logs Data Using Machine
Learning". I partipated in many Algorithmic Programming Competitions, and
have solved 500+ Challenging Problems on Algorithms as can be found on
various online judges like Spoj, Codeforces, etc, apart from that my
ability to code complex and challenging problems can be seen on Github,
where I have uploaded all my solutions to the Online Juges Problems. (All
the appropriate links can be found in my resume, please find it attached).
Hence, coming from a strong Mathematical and Algorithmic background, I am
naturally very interested in the Problem Domain of this project, and would
like to participate in its open source development. My email is
dhawalharkawat14 at gmail.com and my IRC nick is dhawalht, please reply to me,
as I am very much curious to get myself started in this project as soon as

*What languages do you know? Rate your experience level (1-5: rookie-guru)
for each.*
C/C++ : 5 (Guru)
Java : 3
Python : 3

*How long have you been coding in those languages?*
C/C++ : 4 Years
Java : 2 Years
Python : 2 Years

*Are you a contributor to other open-source projects?*
Not Yet, but surely want to contribute and get started as soon as possible.

*Do you have a link to any of your work (i.e. github profile)?*
Yes, All my profile links can be found out in my resume attached below.

*What areas of machine learning are you familiar with?*
NLP, Real-Time Analytics, Deep Learning, Probabilistic Programming, ML

*Have you taken any coursework relevant to machine learning?*
Machine Learning course at BITS PILANI, ML course at Coursera - Andrew Ng,
Internship Project at MICROSOFT.

Optional Questions :

*What are your long-term plans, if you have figured those out yet? Where do
you hope to see yourself in 10 years?*
I want to do PhD and research in the field of Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence, as I love Mathematics and Algorithms, and after
that I want to become a Professor in the States, in Ivy-League colleges, so
that I am always surrounded with the best brains, the world has to offer,
while pursuing research there.

*Describe the most interesting application of machine learning you can
think of, and then describe how you might implement it.*
One application can be Stock trading, in which one is given the current and
past price movements for a stock, and we have to determine whether the
stock should be bought, held or sold. So a model of this decision problem
could provide decision support to financial analysts. Other applications
that I can think, but not really sure how to implement but would definitely
like to know and research in the future are : Spam Detection, Face
Detection, Credit Card Fraud Detection, Speech Understanding, Product
Recommendation, Medical Diagnosis, to name a few.

*Both algorithm implementation and API design are important parts of
mlpack. Which is more difficult? Which is more important? Why?*
Yes, both Algorithm implementation and API design are important. I think
both have their own places, and one cannot replace either, both go
hand-in-hand and many a times support each other as soul mates. On one
level, we can say that yes, Algorithms form the Meat of the Application,
but UI/UX and GUI form the over cover of it and helps to present the
underlying architecture in a more complete and holistic way. On the
difficulty side, Algorithms take the race here, and determine the
usefulness of the Application. On the other hand, we cannot say a wonderful
Algorithm will sell itself, it has to supported with a rockstar design to
catch ones eye.

Please guide me, how to get started with the project titled *"Fast
k-centers Algorithm & Implementation", *as I mentioned above, so as to
maximize my chances of getting accepted in this year's GSoC.

Dhawal Harkawat.

Resume :
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