[mlpack] Application for Google Summer of Code 2017

Irakli Popkhadze ipopk15 at freeuni.edu.ge
Thu Mar 2 06:04:51 EST 2017


I am Irakli Popkhadze, second year Math and Computer Science (MACS) student
at Free University of Tbilisi. I have a huge desire to work on one of your
projects "Fast K-centers Algorithm & Implementation". To be honest with you
I do not have much experience in machine learning but that is what I want
to dedicate myself to. Why do I think that I am capable of doing this
project? Because I have been competitive programmer for about 7 years
already, (you can see my profiles at various programming sites) so this
gives me a strong background in problem solving and algorithms (coding as
well). Also I have finished Phyisico-Mathematical school that gave me a
strong background in mathematics which continued developing during my
studies at Free University of Tbilisi. I am really interested in this
project, I am not afraid of difficulties, I think I can handle this
project. Looking forward to your reply

Promised links of my profiles:
Hackerrank <https://www.hackerrank.com/irakli_p> - O(1) rank
Codeforces <http://codeforces.com/profile/irakli_p> - Div 1 participant
Codechef <https://www.codechef.com/users/irakli_p> - I haven't participated
for a long time, but still

Also I'm attaching my resume

ირაკლი ფოფხაძე,
*Math and Computer Science*
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