[mlpack] arma::colvec behaving as arma::mat

Lakshya Agrawal zeeshan.lakshya at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 12:08:37 EST 2017

Is this a specified behavior or I am doing something wrong.
It turns out that In the test files  arma::colvec and arma::rowvec
are treated as arma::mat. So even arma::colvec is able to load matrices
rather than just column vector.

I have tried out something like this in "load_save_test.cpp"
arma::mat A(5,5, fill::randu);
arma::colvec coltest(A)

It should throw an std::logic_error while doing this.
But gives no error .In fact I also tried printing "coltest" and it gets
printed same as A.

I have tried Googling around on how to fix this error but nothing seems to
Thank You !!!
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