[mlpack] GSoC 17: better benchmarking

Thyrix thyrix.yang at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 02:51:02 EST 2017


My name is Jiaqi Yang(Thyrix on irc). I'm a third year electric 
engineering undergraduate at Wuhan University, China.

I'm very interested in machine learning and I have finished a pattern 
recognition course in my university. I also took the open course by 
Andrew Ng on machine learning, and searched a lot in this area.

I have read through the idea list, and I think I can work on the "better 
benchmarking" task.

I have been participating in competitive programming contest(won 
ACM\ICPC China regional gold medal)in the last two years. I'm proficient 
in c++, and also have some python experience.

I have seen the issue about model zoo. Can this be a idea of GSoC? I'd 
like to work on this idea too.

Please give me some advice.

Your sincerely,

Jiaqi Yang

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