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S.NARAYAN ee15b108 ee15b108 at smail.iitm.ac.in
Fri Mar 3 13:34:12 EST 2017


I am Narayan , an undergraduate student at IIT-Madras.I am interested in
participating in GSoC 2017 with mlpack.I am not new to Machine Learning and
i have worked on a Project in BioInformatics at University of Angers,France
during my summer.

I am new to ML-Pack and i am really interested in being a long-term
contributor and working on it during summer with or without GSOC stipend.I
went through the Project Ideas and the following projects intrigued me
Deep Learning Modules" and "Reinforcement Learning".*
I am reading up on the models in those topics so that i make an informed

Kindly guide me in getting started with understanding the codebase.I have
it cloned it , compiled it from source in my local machine and also
implemented few simple programs from the "getting involved" page.

and Congrats to ML-Pack for getting accepted to GSOC again.Hoping to have
an eventful summer.

Thanking You.
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