[mlpack] [GSoC 17] Boltzmann Machine

Skand Vishwanath Peri pvskand at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 07:23:31 EST 2017

       I am Skand Vishwanath Peri from India. I am currently in my pre -
final year of Undergraduate studies. I am interested in participating in
GSoC 17 with mlpack.

Among the topics given on the wiki page, I am interested in implemening
spike and slab RBM. I have done a course in Advance Machine Learning and am
familiar with the basics of Boltzmann Machine and RBM.
I wanted to ask you from where should I start. I don't seem to find any
previous implementation of RBM (Correct me if I am wrong. I did search
through but didn't find it.)

I have previously worked in Convolutional Neural Networks by doing a
project on detecting Distracted Driver
<https://github.com/pvskand/DriverDetection> and was successfully able to
implement it.

I am currently going through the slab and spike rbm. It would be of great
help if you can guide me to start.

Skand Vishwanath Peri
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