[mlpack] Application for GSoC-2017

Ryan Curtin ryan at ratml.org
Fri Mar 10 11:06:28 EST 2017

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 11:40:08AM +0530, dhawal harkawat wrote:
> Hi,
> Its a almost 8 days, I wrote to you! I was preparing and getting my
> basics developed for my project.
> For the project Fast k-centers Algorithm & Implementation, I have
> downloaded mlpack, compiled and installed it, I have also reviewed the
> tree abstractions in mlpack in /core/tree/ and the dual-tree
> algorithms mlpack implements. In the meantime, I have also read papers
> on dual-tree algorithms. I have also given a list of them :
> "n-body problems in statistical learning"
> "Cover trees for nearest neighbor"
> "Dual-tree fast exact max-kernel search"
> "Approximate Matrix Multiplication and Space Partitioning Trees: An Exploration"
> I must say that reading all the papers was one ride full of challenge
> and fun, I completely enjoyed it! I have also understood the project
> area, we are trying to work on, as a part of GSoC-2017, wherein we
> have to implement BIll's algorithm into working code. Since GSoC is
> oriented towards code and not research, we can discuss a good plan for
> implementation of the project, having my basics already up and
> running!
> Please reply, I want to connect.

Hi Dhawal,

I am not sure what you want me to reply with.  There's no question here.
If you're looking for a good plan for the project, take a look at this
additional email I just answered about the project:


There are lots more emails in the archives that you might consider
reading to clarify any questions you might have.



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