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Lakshya Agrawal zeeshan.lakshya at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 16:01:04 EST 2017

Hello everyone,
I was going through the research paper "
(Alternatives to neighborhood based collaborative filtering) .I have
understood the paper but was not able to comprehend "Normalizing by
removing global effects(Methods)" properly.

I have understood that we estimate one "effect" at a time,in sequence . Is
it that initially the values "X(ui)" are all set to one for all "i"  ? Also
what about "Theta(u)"  for the first effect is it that  initially
"n"(number of movies rated my user) random values are assigned to it from a
Normal Distribution and on later stages it is calculated by using
"Thetacap(u)"?Also does for
"X(ui)" depend upon the effect ?

It would be of great help if  I could be provided more information/paper
relating to this.

Thank You
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