[mlpack] Project idea for mlpack in GSOC

Ryan Curtin ryan at ratml.org
Tue Mar 14 12:11:19 EDT 2017

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 02:14:42PM +0530, Divyansh Srivastava wrote:
> Hello ,
> I am a sophomore pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from
> Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I am interested in taking up a
> project with mlpack. I went through the list of project ideas and found the
> following projects interesting to work on
> 1.  Fast k-centers Algorithm & Implementation
> 2.  Parallel stochastic optimization methods
> 3. Alternatives to neighbourhood-based collaborative filtering
> Amongst these I have experience in implementing parallel k-centers
> algorithm in "Julia" language and a number of other parallel algorithms .
> Apart from the project ideas listed I would also propose to implement
> Generalised linear models to fit dataset with other distributions from
> exponential family of random variables. Please connect me with respective
> mentors to discuss further on these projects.

Hi Divyansh,

Each of these projects have been discussed at length on the mlpack
mailing list. I am on a phone right now so I can't provide good links,
but if you do a search like

 'site:knife.lugatgt.org/pipermail/mlpack collaborative filtering'

or a similarly structured query you should be able to find lots of
additional discussions about each of those three projects you expressed
interest in.



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