[mlpack] [GSoc] Need assistance in patches

Ryan Curtin ryan at ratml.org
Fri Mar 24 09:54:15 EDT 2017

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 03:20:59AM +0500, Shoaib Zafar wrote:
> Hi Marcus!
> Sorry for the late reply (exams will be finally over tomorrow, Friday!)
> I understand your concern. I'm also not currently sure about the code that
> would be needed. Frankly speaking, I have never worked with android NDK
> before (but I'm familiar with android studio, c++ etc). Some of the
> functions would need to be overloaded or modified to assist the user (for
> example data::load and data::save will have to be overloaded to work with
> the internal storage, current implementations would lead to internal
> storage only). To increase code, we can have a couple of classification
> apps for android with trained models, and I can write a tutorial for it
> that could be included to mlpack's website. Also, I think we should use
> android NDK's libraries as much as possible(they will be maintained and
> optimized by Google to work better with android).
> In the worst case, we'll need to reimplement some library functions if
> android studio doesn't supports it.
> If you say, to get a better idea, I can spend this weekend trying to get a
> simple classification model or linear regression model to work. And then we
> can decide whether to proceed or not :) (I am more then willing to do
> this!)

Hi Shoaib,

I think this could be an interesting idea.  It could be helpful to spend
some time figuring out what is possible on Android and what would
require modification, so that a good proposal could be crafted that was
clear on what the goals of the project are and what modifications are
anticipated to be necessary to accomplish those goals.

In this case it sounds like you are aiming to make the necessary
modifications so that mlpack could be used inside of Android
applications, which I think would be an interesting project.  If we can,
at the end of the summer, have a nice set of documentation that shows
someone who wants to do machine learning inside their Android app how to
use mlpack, I think this could be really compelling.



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