[mlpack] Reg: Introduction and Proposal Sharing

Ryan Curtin ryan at ratml.org
Mon Mar 27 11:45:19 EDT 2017

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 07:31:20PM +0530, Krishnakanth Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> I am KrishnaKant Singh(Kris) a pre-final year student pursuing Master at
> Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. I have been contributing to
> MLpack for almost a month now and I have had an great learning experience.
> I have done a course in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Optimisation.
> So I have a good idea regarding the theory behind the Deep Learning Modules
> and have also implemented these in python.  I am interested in the Deep
> Learning Module project.
> I have shared my proposal at GsoC website and I am looking forward to the
> feedback.

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the introduction.  We will take a look and give any feedback
if there is time.

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It is my opinion that email tracking services like this are very
disrespectful and do not respect the privacy of the recipient(s).  I
would suggest that you stop using them entirely for this reason.



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