[mlpack] Project about Low rank/sparse optimization using Frank-Wolfe

Chenzhe Diao williamdiao at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 23:50:55 EDT 2017


I just shared a proposal draft. I added some of my understanding to the 
algorithm and my ideas about implementation. Please take a look and 
provide some feedback if you have time.

Also, I wrote in the proposal that I can make some tests of real 
application problems that will call FW type algorithm. If you have more 
application problems in mind that you want me to test with, please let 
me know. Moreover, since I am only familiar with some sparse 
optimization algorithms that I met in my research, maybe those are not 
very popular in other ML community. So if you have some optimization 
solvers you want me to add or compare, I would also be happy to add them 
in the proposal.


Chenzhe Diao

On 2017-03-20 7:09 AM, Ryan Curtin wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 12:37:15PM -0600, Chenzhe Diao wrote:
>> Thanks Ryan! I will read the code in more details and think of it. I guess
>> I need to make up a whole plan and write it into the proposal?
>> Great to know you guys Shangtong and Bang. Since you both have experiences
>> in this GSOC, I can learn a lot from you.
> Hi Chenzhe,
> Yep, that is correct---your proposal should include a plan of what you
> want to implement as well as a timeline.
> Thabks,
> Ryan

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